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Thread: better spam filtering

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    Question better spam filtering

    I have a dedicated server and need a better method for weeding out spam. SpamAssassin just does not do the trick. Seems my clients always need a 3 party filter to get what the correct filtering.

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    Well, many 3rd party filters out there are based on SpamAssassin as part of their core then they add in some other stuff like RBL checking as an additional layer. SpamAssassin is a pretty good tool if it has been well configured on each cPanel, which often it is not.

    The other thing to make sure is that you have SPF records. SPF will help get rid of those types of email which appear to be sent from and end up in some email box

    Of course you can always use a 3rd party or purchase some additional spam prevention hardware or even install additional software like ASSP but then you are adding many additional points of failure and lots of additional configurations into the email system.

    It really depends on the situation you want I guess.

    You can combine SA with email filters in cPanel if some things are slipping by.

    My personal email address gets maybe 1-5 spam emails per day if you are getting more than that I would look into the settings of SA.

    Sometimes things are give and take...especially in web hosting.

    In my case I would rather have 5 spam emails, than 5 LOST legitimate emails because my filters were set too high. It really depends on your needs and situation.

    Comments anyone?
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    If you want to secure your sources, and pushed off with extra layer of authenticity. THen you can choose any security sytem, to keep your core system. I suggest you SpamAssassin, that is a open source and also free to use.

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