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Thread: Filtering site statistics

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    Default Filtering site statistics

    Does the control panel have a way to filter out undesired statistics? For example, I've got a lot of comment spammers hitting my blog, and I'd like to figure out how to block their URLs from showing up in my statistics when I look at them via Webalizer or some other program. That way I have a true representation of where my legitimate traffic is coming from.



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    Well all the stats programs are open source and well documented on the net. for example AW stats has a config file that you can do all sorts of neat things with outside of the base install. (of course, it gets overwritten by cPanel in an attempt to keep logfile processing at a minimum) but fun to see what you can do none-the-less.

    I'd imagine you could write a log analyzer in php or perl to find matching patterns, then remove them from the logs before you view them. I can see problems there though unless the script is carefully written not to hog all the cpu.

    Its possible you can block the offending domain from httaccess as well. That way if their bots are coming in from they cannot connect to your server, therefore no logs. Those bots might not even come from the domains listed but it might be worth a try.
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