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    I am a bit confused about the Edit DNS Zone in the WHM. Since, the name servers must be changed to my private name servers at the domain name registrar, why do they also need to be changed in the WHM? What, if any, are the benefits?
    Thank you.

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    When you specify private nameservers at registrar, that doesn't mean that domain will work with them. These nameservers should point to the server where domain is located and should be set in Edit DNS Zone, that's some kind of feedback, and is required in order to make your domain function correctly. I can't say that there are benefits. It's a common rule that nameservers are set on both sides in order to work.

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    You have a few options for DNS. The most common is to point your domain's NS records to your host. The other method is to use your domain name registrar's nameservers. If you use your domain registrar's nameservers, then you generally are doing that because you for some reason prefer to host your DNS from the domain registrar.

    When you point your domain's NS records to your private nameservers on your GlowHost server, it allows you to do several things.

    Instead of having to go to your registrar to edit things like MX records, A records, and every other type of record, you can control your DNS from your GlowHost server. This makes life easier for you because a lot of things that rely on DNS are tightly integrated and automated when you use cPanel.

    In answer to the specific question, your zones in WHM should always match what you have configured at the domain registrar. In some cases you may have default nameservers set on your DNS zones. If that is the case, your domains should still resolve, but it is not ideal because they can experience intermittent issues in resolving a domain for certain site visitors.

    The main benefit is a more reliable DNS service that follows RFC guidelines. DNS is not an easy topic to grasp for most people so to make a complicated answer short, make sure that your zones match what you have configured at the registry for best results.

    On a side note, if you have private nameservers, your zones probably should not be using the default nameservers except in some cases when a backup is restored, but there are several other conditions where default nameservers are applied to your account when the server does not know exactly which NS to use.

    If you create a new account in WHM and you see that it is not using your private nameservers on the "create a new account" wizard, open a ticket at our helpdesk, (or post a question on this forum about how to do this yourself) so that we can reconfigure your account to set up your new accounts using your private nameservers instead of the defaults. This will save you from having to edit zones every time you create a new account.
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