Notice to All GlowHost Customers in our Orlando, FL location

As part of our commitment to offer the best service and infrastructure to our customers, we are announcing an important network maintenance in our Orlando based location at the beginning of next week. Please go over the following details so you are prepared.

Description of Maintenance

We will be performing a hardware upgrade to some of our network components. We do not anticipate downtime as a result of these hardware upgrades. While components are being replaced and upgraded, active network hardware members will bear the active network loads while inactive hardware members are being replaced.

Maintenance Window

- Maintenance will start at 11:00 PM Eastern on 9/23/2019
- Maintenance will complete at or around 2:00 AM Eastern on 9/24/2019

Affected Clients

All customers hosting in our Orlando, FL location

Again, we do not anticipate any downtime as a result of this maintenance.

Thank you for your continued business! If you have any questions about this maintenance, please feel welcome to ask and we will always be here to address any questions.