Notice to all GlowHost customers hosting in our Orlando, FL location

As part of our commitment to provide all of our customers the best possible services and infrastructure, we're sending out notice of a planned maintenance that may affect your services in our Orlando, Florida location next week.

Maintenance Description
Routine network maintenance. One of our premium bandwidth upstream providers will be undergoing software updates. During this time, we will be diverting traffic which should have minimal impact on your services. You may experience some latency during the maintenance window.

Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance will begin Wednesday April 10th, at 12:00 AM EDT.
Maintenance will end Wednesday April 10th, at 6:00 AM EDT.

Expected Impact
At this time, we do not expect any outages as a result of the maintenance. As with all scheduled maintenance, we advise that you prepare for periodical increased latency for up to 15 minutes during the 6 hour maintenance schedule. In rare circumstances, you may experience minor packet loss.

If you have any questions before, or during the maintenance, please feel welcome to reach out to our technical support team by submitting a ticket, or respond to us through our community forums. Our staff are available 24/7, and always standing by to help.