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Thread: [Spam-O-Matic] Disable link to GlowHost in footer

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    Default [Spam-O-Matic] Disable link to GlowHost in footer

    GlowHost development team has created an absolutely free Spam-O-Matic plugin that has proven its effectiveness. The best way to say "thank you" to our team is to keep the GlowHost link at the bottom of your forums.

    Anyway, sometimes we get requests from users asking if it is possible to remove that GlowHost link:

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    Yes, it is possible to remove this link without any problems. But if you decide to keep it, thank you!

    If you have decided to remove it, please follow these steps:

    1. Login to admin panel of your forums. Link will look like

    2. Once you are logged in, in the left column find "Plugins & Products" section and click on "Plugin Manager".

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    3. In the list opened find "GlowHost - Spam-O-Matic and "Affiliate link placement" module under it. Disable the checkbox near that module.

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    4. Now scroll down and click on "Save Active Status". This will disable the Web Hosting link in your footer.

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    That's all! Enjoy.

    Please note that if you have any question concerning Spam-O-Matic, we encourage our customers to ask them in the Spam-O-Matic thread at vBulletin forums.

    Thank you for using our products and services!
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    That's pretty fair to let your customer decide whether they want your link in their website footer or not. Thanks for the guide

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