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Thread: Spam-O-Matic Issue

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    Default Spam-O-Matic Issue

    I have a couple questions/issue.

    Can the stats be used in the version that supports VB3.8.x? It currenty doesnt have it and I want to know if something can be done to display the stats.

    Ive read in multiple threads that Version 2.1.2 works with vb3.8.x but ive encountered a couple of issues I wish could be cleared here or showed how to fix..

    The first one is with the stats itself..

    This is how it shows in my forum Screenshot by Lightshot
    Instead of showing like it supposed to be Screenshot by Lightshot

    The other issue is when trying to see the logs in admincp i get this error:
    Fatal error: Class 'vB_Template_Runtime' not found in /home/user/public_html/adminxxxx1234gdhdgs/glowhostspamomatic.php on line 586

    Can anyone assist me to try and correct this? thanks

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    Unfortunately we do not offer support for this mod at GlowHost. The offical thread where you downloaded the mod is where you can find support.

    If it were me, I would start by using the default vbulletin theme to see if it works. If not you might have to disable some or all of your plugins and test it again. Then enable them one at a time until it breaks. Honestly, I am not sure it will work with 3.8, it was really built with 4.x in mind.
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