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Thread: Spam O Matic Question

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    Question Spam O Matic Question

    Presently I am running vBulletin 4.2.2 for my forum and am a strong advocate for the use of Spam O magic which has reduced our moderator work load in eliminating spammers. Frankly we cannot be without it

    We are now considering a conversion to vBulletin 5 and were made aware that plug ins will not transfer across in the conversion. We were also made aware that the present version of Spam O Matic will not function on vBulletin 5. Is this true and if so can anyone tell me if there will be a version of Spam O Matic which functions on VB5


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    anyone have an answer

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    Hello Steve,

    I will forward this question to our developers and will try to get an answer for you as soon as possible. Anyway, I suggest you to ask this question at vbulletin thread about Spam-O-Matic here, since this can speed up the process.

    Updates will follow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Williams View Post

    anyone have an answer
    The last time we checked it out, the documentation for developers for version 5 was virtually non-existent. That would mean we'd have to reverse engineer the code to make our plugin work and the way we deploy it, might be the wrong approach, which, means to re-build it later.

    We have no plans for SOM for version 5 at this time, but that can change if there is more demand for it and there developer resources for creating mods for vB5 has been improved.

    If there are any investors, we'd also consider fast-tracking this mod for version 5. Otherwise, it has to be created by our guys in-house and doing that takes away resources from our normal software for our paid hosting customers.
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