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Thread: vBulletin Questions

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    Default vBulletin Questions

    1. Does GlowHost support MySQLi, and does it even really matter?2. Does GlowHost support ImageMagick or just GD? If it does support how do I set it up?3. Does GlowHost support safemode for uploads, again any se-tup help would be appreciated. Thank You!-PHD

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    Yes, we support MySQLi along with both ImageMagick and GD. GD is built into PHP so gd functions are available directly in PHP code, to configure ImageMagick you will have to set the binary path within the script configuration unless it's available by default.

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    Default ImageMagick Path

    So what is the ImageMagick Binary Path? And I still didn't get an answer on safe mode. Thanks. Sorry for the bad formatting there, I'm posting from Uganda, it takes me like 5 minutes to make one post.

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    The ImageMagick binary path can vary from server to server. You should open a ticket at our helpdesk so we can verify it on your particular account / server.

    Yes, safe mode is disabled on all servers. Most php functions will break if it is enabled. Are you sure your script needs safe mode to be enabled?
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