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Thread: some questions!

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    Default some questions!

    ok i have read threw and ive decided to get the professional package with the vbulletin board. after i order and pay for 1 year, will the board be installed quickly, im also curious to know if i will be getting the customer number and password for the vbulletin board. also i have a forum skin that is version 3.6.7 and need it to be recoded to 3.7.2. do u do service like this? and how long would something like that take since i read hourly rate of 100.

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    The board can take 24-48 hours to be installed due to workloads. You will need to open a trouble ticket at our helpdesk after you have your login details and we will go ahead and install the forum in the directory that you like, or at the top level of the site, just let us know where you want it when you request the installation.

    Yes you will receive the customer number and password for the bulletin board.

    We do not offer template programming services for vBulletin or any other 3rd party software.
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