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Thread: Need help to remove IP and Email

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    Angry Need help to remove IP and Email

    Hello all we need help
    2 days ago i add 1 user to
    Spam-O-Matic is going to:
    - submit user details to Akismet database
    - submit user details to database
    - ban the user
    Now i want to Unbanned but member IP is submit to Akismet database how to Remove IP and email from Akismet database ??
    2. Some members email me ask me i am not spammer but his IP is banned how to access in again in my side ??

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    Unfortunately we don't offer Spam-O-Matic support here, since it is a forum that concerns hosting questions.

    Anyway, you can try to contact to unblock IPs that were blocked incorrectly.

    As to banned users, you should be able to see them in vBulletin admin area -> Users -> View banned users.

    If you use the "lift ban" option, user will be unblocked.

    In case you have any questions, please ask them in the Spam-O-Matic support thread at vbulletin forums, so our developers can check your questions.
    Have no fear,
    GlowHost is Here!

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