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Thread: Dumb Question Time - MYSQL

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    Default Dumb Question Time - MYSQL

    How do I figure out what my MYSQL info is? Godaddy hosts my domain but you support my Vbulletin forums. Since I'm upgrading, I have to provide them my MYSQL info but Godaddy's site has changed over the past 7 years since I've been with them and I can't figure it out. I emailed them (promised a 10 hour response-got a response 4 days later and they asked me what's my hosting site info) and got nowhere. Is it on this site or on theirs?

    I really need to get the heck off Godaddy...

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    Hi AuroraStorm,

    It's not clear why they need your mysql information.

    If you MySQL information of your vebulleting site then you can find it in includes/config.php file. Anyway, you may open a ticket and we will help you.

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