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Thread: Importing or Restoring Data Bases

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    Default Importing or Restoring Data Bases

    We are moving a clients web site to our server. The losing server sent us an .sql.qz file that was supposed to contain the data base. Using the Backup Wizard in the Cpanel, I used the restore data base feature. I simply had the Wizard upload the .sql.qz file. It was successfully completed. When I checked the MYSQL section in the CPanel, the new data base was present. There were no users. When I went to php my admin the data base was present but there were no tables.
    Did I perform this procedure correctly? If not, what is the correct method of importing a new data base.
    If I did perform it correctly, does that mean that the .sql.qz file I received was possible incomplete or corrupted.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Jim, sure, this file could be corrupted. But you should try to restore it one more time via phpmyadmin or CLI.

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