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Thread: htaccess and mod_security

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    Default htaccess and mod_security

    Had a weird one today: Set up a Joomla article that had "mechanical-worksheet" in the URL, like this:

    but I kept getting a 406 Not Acceptable error. A bit of searching, and it turns out that mod_security is matching the "mech" pattern and preventing the page from being served.

    Got around the issue by changing the URL to ...mcncl-worksheet, but I'm curious to learn if this can be fixed more elegantly with .htaccess? I'd rather not change mod_security to allow "mech."

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    You can turn off mod_security if the .htaccess file for this folder by adding the following lines:

    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

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    Or if you have a dedicated server you can simply edit the mod sec config file and add or remove rules as you need.
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