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Thread: Increase in lfd alerts

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    Default Increase in lfd alerts

    I've been getting an increased number of lfd alerts from my dedicated server for the past 10-15 days.

    They are mostly this:
    lfd: Excessive resource usage: Account A (4039)
    Time:         Mon Jun  8 08:25:24 2009 -0500
    Account:      Account A
    Resource:     Process Time
    Exceeded:     10821 > 1800 (seconds)
    Executable:   /usr/bin/perl
    Command Line: spamd child
    PID:          16580
    Killed:       Yes
    and this:
    lfd: Suspicious process running under user Account A
    PID:     5598
    Account: Account A
    Uptime:  6131 seconds
    Command Line (often faked in exploits):
    spamd child
    Network connections by the process (if any):
    tcp: cPanelŽ -> cPanelŽ
    tcp: cPanelŽ -> cPanelŽ
    udp: cPanelŽ ->
    Files open by the process (if any):
    but over the past two days a new alert:
    lfd: LOCALRELAY alert for account Account B
    Time:  Mon Jun  8 09:28:07 2009 -0500
    Type:  LOCALRELAY, Local Account - Account B
    Count: 103 emails relayed
    Blocked: No
    Sample of the first 10 emails:
    2009-06-08 09:28:03 1MDfp.... <snip>
    The emails sampled in the LOCALRELAY alert are legitimate.

    Account A and B above are real accounts, but renamed for posting here.

    Is anyone else getting this increase in alerts or is it just my server and what should I do about it?
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