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Thread: Dedicated Server Backup

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    No, you do what you're good at, and I think GH has found it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andychev View Post
    If backups are set to run everynight and every week. so nightly and weekly backups does this mean that there are only ever two backups for a site? Ie every 24 hours the new backup replaces the old backup. And the same for the weekly backups.


    Can a chronological backup system be set up? So you may have two weekly backups (if there was a problem you would be able to go back 1 week or two weeks). Same for daily backups would it be possible to have 6? where the oldest would be overwritten. So in total there would be 8 backups per site allowing for restoration from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,14 days?

    Also is it possible to set backups to run throughout a 24hour day instead of at a particular time to reduce server load? Is it worth it?
    If you choose incremental backup in cpanel, you get a misnomer of a backup. All that means is that cPanel will use rsync instead of copy - tar - gzip, which results in a substantially lower load.

    rsync does have an option to do TRUE incremental backups, where you could have a series of daily backups that include only the changed files.

    I found a lot of backup scripts out there using rsync.

    rsync backup script - now Incremental with little storage impact
    Create Incremental Snapshot-style Backups With rSync And SSH | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

    As for linmiting load further:
    Unused by cPanel, there is an option to limit bandwidth:
    This option allows you to specify a maximum transfer rate in
    kilobytes per second. .... etc ...

    __________________________________________________ ___-

    Now, I am not sure if this helps on a backup within a server, but is meant I think to work across servers.

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