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    Default Working with wordpress themes

    Hi Everybody, I have had a glowhost account for coming up on 2 years. I am very happy with it and planning to renew when the time comes. This web host has many features that I shopped for and had difficulty finding elsewhere. I only had a couple of minor problems and customer service handled them immediately. You can't ask for better than that. I want to try and get this forum refreshed and more in use. So many of the posts are old and even the threads have been closed. The World Wide Web is not ancient. I believe we need to remember this to ourselves periodically. It's fresh and new and happening by the minute. Literally billions of people are out here. All trying to do something. Most people just do this for fun. It's getting more and more popular for shopping. A few of us are trying to make a profitable business out of it.

    So, that brings us to the phenomenon of wordpress and it's themes. I have just done a quick history lesson on wordpress. It is actually owned by a guy. His name is Matt Mullenweg. his online persona spills over with praise and encouragement for everyone. He seems to be, in his heart of hearts, a photographer. He has posted over 30,000 images on various sites that do that. It seems to be mostly a hobby for him. Being able to travel all over the world and take pictures for fun must be a great life.

    Now, for the themes. There are so many. 10's of thousands I believe. Lots of them are free and Theme writers are permitted to sell their creations. I have not had much luck with the so called premium themes. I am sure there are good ones, but it is hard to know which ones are good up front and which ones are junk. It is my personal opinion we might as well just use a free one.

    You may have heard it said: paraphrasing: "Wordpress, it's quick and easy and takes 5 minutes to install." Well, that first time was the most frustrating 5 hours/week I have spent in years. As I understand, there are over a dozen ways to post a web site. If you are genius, magician html writer, a top level internet scrounger, and you have lots of clever friends with similar interests. You could probably save yourself $100.00/year, Yes! For the rest of us, let's just stick with the app, on the glowhost control panel, that says wordpress. I don't think I have beaten 5 minutes, but it is reasonable in 10-30 minutes to get something to show up under your brand new domain name. You need one, get that first.

    The bare bones setup is fairly self-explanatory. However, there is about a dozen things to do that if done in a better order will save time and frustration. They are things you only do on a decade basis, so remembering them is unlikely. Making notes about what you did is a good idea. I have actual paper notebooks I would be lost without. I don't know how you could do this over a phone. Even one 21in screen is a challenge. I'm thinking of moving to a couple of 8 foot TV's, but I digress.

    It's hard to say exactly the order you should do stuff. I am hoping to create some dialog on that with this post. When you get to the gadgets and the widgets, that is where you really make your website yours. The number of gadgets and widgets eclipses the number of themes. I am hoping to create dialog on which are necessary and which are best. There are some that are a little quirky but are so unique that it is worth it to use them. There are some we should just avoid. There is a lot to talk about.

    I notice there is a lot of unregistered guests, Please sign up. There are not that many good sites of this type. Quality input, especially innocent beginner questions will help keep us sharp. I love looking at new things discovered by novices. There are lots of fresh changes in setting up and running websites that you just don't see all the time when you are running an established website. This is not old hat. We all need to stay fresh and inquisitive. Good luck in your future endeavours.

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    Hi Jeff!

    Thanks for your post and your kind words about GlowHost. We're glad you're here!

    As to your sentiments of WordPress, they seem spot on. WordPress, along with most other Content Management Systems are vast and offer numerous paths to reach numerous destinations. It all depends on each individual person's goals with their site. Regardless of what you're looking for - you can do it!

    We invite and gladly welcome all guests to sign up. This is an open forum for all things, and our staff are more than happy to socialize as well!

    Thanks again for your post.

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