I had an idea for a post here. What to do first? You want to setup a website. Even if you have done it before you may have found it to be hard for some reason you can't quite put your finger on. The very first thing to do is setup up email accounts. I highly recommend setting up a few: gmail, yahoo, excite, etc. Between four and six email addresses is a good number for a website. There are several reasons it's a good idea to have a number of completely different email addresses. First, If you are creating a new domain name, that is the ideal time to create a fresh email address to go with it. For example, go to daddy dot com and start their domain search. I like to pick a name that has some relation to what I want to do. Don't get a truck driver domain for a hairdresser or vice-versa. Been there, done that. I know whereof I speak.

OK, you found something you like, great! Now for the purchase this new domain name. You will need an account at her daddy dot com. For this you will need an email address. Sure, you can just use the one that came with your internet subscription, or an old hotmail account you have had forever. However, there are several disadvantages to this. Depending on what you want to do with the site you may want to allow others to use the email account. So you don't want others using your "personal" account. You may also, in future, want to pass along/sell the website. It is much easier to create the break if the site is not entwined too much in your personal web persona. I have gone on a bit of a tangent here but I learned that these things are easy to do quickly at first but hard to change later. It's best to start fresh. OK, you have a new domain name picked. It's available. It's not much of a gamble but I suppose there is a few minutes of risk. You can set up a gmail account right then. Use the same name if available @yahoo. If itís not available you can probably add a 1or2or3 to the end and it will work fine. Join her daddy dot com with it and it should be easy to separate business if you should ever want to.

Ok, you have a new email, you just joined her daddy, you just slapped down your plastic of a new domain name. Congratulations. Ok, you have fresh domain name and email with the same or similar name. You are almost in business. So what do you need more email addresses for? During the course of setting up your website you are going to be signing up for all kinds of stuff. Many of these things you are compelled to sign up with are just a head of spam. You donít want all that sudo-junkmail polluting your main email that you use for real communication. Also, while signing up for utilities, plugins, gadgets, widgets, It is possible to have conflicts between closely related sites and utilities. EG: youtube-gmail-google+-blogspot. You have to use a gmail account for these things but it is better if they all use the same account and and you donít use gmail for anything else, Trust me.

Now you can setup a few other emails. Preferably with the same name. eg: @excite , @yahoo etc. add a number you like on the end of the name if you have to. It will be close enough. Itís best to have email addresses ready rather than having to make one on the fly when you need one. It can take extra time you see.

Yes!, it is now time to go and have a chat with glowhost.com and get your new web hosting package, good luck.