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Thread: Vern Server Migration

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    Default Vern Server Migration

    Our Company has great news for those of our customers whose accounts are hosted on the shared server Vern. We've decided to replace it with a brand-new and much more powerful machine. This upgrade requires migration of cPanel accounts to the new server. The transfer procedure will be initiated on the 25th of December and will last for several days. Accounts will be migrated in alphabetic order, one-by-one. We will keep you notified on the progress. Meanwhile, should you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in this thread.

    Please read these details carefully:

    Server Name: Vern
    Service Start: Wednesday, 25th December 2013
    Service Window: 1 AM to 3 AM EST
    Details: Vern Server Migration
    Expected Downtime: No downtime expected

    Those whose domains use generic nameservers and will need to change their domains' NS records to the ones that our representatives will provide you with after the migration is completed.

    Please do not change your NS until you are informed that transfer of your files has been performed!

    Every client on the server will be provided with the new server details individually by email once his/her account has been fully migrated.

    As always, we recommend that you have local copies of your web site in the event of unforeseen issues which may result in complete and total data loss on the server. While we do not anticipate this to be an issue, it is always a wise choice to have copies of your web site in multiple locations.

    You can make copies of your web site using the backup option in your cPanel.

    If you want to be notified about updates in our forum thread, please click "Thread Tools" at the top right of the first post in the forum thread, then select Subscribe. This will send out instant email notifications of any updates to this thread. Below is what it looks like if you are having trouble finding this option.

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