As part of our commitment to provide top quality web hosting services, maintenance is required and has been scheduled for the following service.

Please read these details carefully:

Service Name: All CloudVDS Services
Service Date: Starting Thursday, 15 August, 2019 occurring every day until completed
Service Window: 2 AM EST to 6 AM EST
Details: Cloud VDS Hypervisor Maintenance
Expected Downtime: 2-4 Hours (an outage, if any, will only impact a customer once)

During the service window, we will be performing a reboot of each hypervisor. We will be performing a cold migration of customer VDS services between hypervisors in order to limit the number of affected customers at any given time. This maintenance will last several days, until completed. Customers will only experience an outage once during the service window.

We expect the migrations to go smooth, but please plan for up to 2-4 hours of total downtime. If we are unable to start the maintenance before the service window closes, or if we are unable to complete the maintenance on the scheduled date, it will be re-scheduled for the next day at the same time.

As always, we recommend that you have local copies of your web site in the event of unforeseen issues which may result in complete and total data loss on the server. While we do not anticipate this to be an issue, it is always a wise choice to have copies of your web site in multiple locations.

You can make copies of your web site using the backup option in your cPanel.

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