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    I've started using a plugin with WHMCS to mail - in the post - printed invoices and letters to my clients. It's been useful when an invoice email bounces. I was surprised as this has received positive feedback as I've managed to keep in touch despite them changing email address. It's actually helped my retention rates. The WHMCS plugin is from a company called Docsaway.

    I'm now thinking of mailing customers using this module mid way through their contract to see how we're doing. I figure emails are so easily deleted yet I still read letters when I get them.

    I just wondered what anyone else thought? Is anyone else using old fashioned letters still with hosting?

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    Hosting by nature is an electronic business. When a customer is paying $5/mo for hosting and it costs $1.60 to send an invoice, that's a pretty big hit to "hope" accept a payment. Maybe for the higher-end customers who have bills in the hundreds of dollar ranges this might work well. Or as you mentioned, the occasional "reach out" might be worth it.
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