We have received an important security advisory from the vendor of WHMCS billing software provided below:

SolusVM WHMCS Module Security Advisory
WHMCS - SolusVM WHMCS Module Security Advisory

*** Advisory Notice for SolusVM Users ***

We are writing today to notify clients of a critical security vulnerability in
the SolusVM WHMCS Module Version 3.16. While SolusVM's WHMCS Module is not part
of the default WHMCS release package, we know that many of our users use WHMCS
in conjunction with SolusVM and therefore we are posting/emailing everyone as a

== How to Check If You Are Affected ==

The SolusVM Module is not shipped with, or by WHMCS. Thus, only if you've
installed this module yourself would you be at risk. You can verify by checking
if the directory /path/to/whmcs/modules/servers/solusvmpro/ exists. If it does
not, you are not vulnerable, and require no further action.

== How to Protect Yourself ==

The update to the SolusVM module can be found in the following blog post from
SolusVM on their own website:
WHMCS Module Update – Security | Soluslabs Blog

Be sure to also check the blog homepage @ Soluslabs Blog for details
of the latest security related updates to the core SolusVM application.


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