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Thread: Vbulletin Paid Subscriptions

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    Default Vbulletin Paid Subscriptions

    I had paid subscriptions set up and running on my forums at my previous server. Unfortunately they changed something and the paid subscriptions ceased working properly

    I don't get a lot of subscriptions, but they are worth having. I suspected Mod Security interfering with them, and when I moved here, I turned it off and I thought I had solved the problem when a subscription seemed to process properly. I was just investigating on the Vb cpanel logs and I don't find any records being processed.

    I had a look at the Vb manual and it has a caution about "HTTP authentication system". Is there something like this operating on GlowHost?

    Any ideas?


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    To investigate this we will need more information and login access. Can you please open a ticket to our support team with access details?

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