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Thread: Quick question regarding SSL

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    Default Quick question regarding SSL


    Our website uses PayPal to process payments, quick and easy. However, through the PayPal cart, it asks for an image at the top, and the file that I have Paypal direct to is, obviously, not a "secure item". Everytime that page loads, the web browser will ask "There are non-secure items on this page, are you sure you want to load it" etc etc.

    I'm wondering if there is a simple way to just upload a single image on the server with SSL, or if it actually requires a certificate with the shopping cart, etc?


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    You should have a SSL certificate installed on your website so that when you access your shopping cart it doesn't show a security warning. A SSL certificate can be purchased directly from us. You can read more about SSL certificates on our website at

    Furthermore if a SSL certificate is already installed on your website and you still get a security warning, make sure that you use secure (https) links on your website since if your page contains secure and non-secure URLs you still will get security warnings.


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