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Thread: Disk space issues

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    Default Disk space issues

    I'm administering a site my client, who signed up for the 1-star plan (I think) back in 2004. Until recently, I had no problems adding content up to the 15MB limit of the plan. During a recent attempted update, I received an error message saying that I could not upload any more conent, due to a 5MB buffer on disk space. Currently, the site takes up 12MB of space. When was the usable disk space changed?

    I have found plans on that are from GlowHost, but do not appear on your site. Is it possible to change to one of those plans? (More specifically, the Pro Super Starter Plan with Fantastico [$4/month, 200MB of space, 3GB bandwidth, 10 email accounts]) How can you offer 185MB more space for only $1 more per month? Since my client just renewed for another year of the 1-star plan, could the payment be applied to a new plan if we change plans?

    Thank you very much for your assistance.


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    The usable disk space was never changed, if you use FTP instead of the file manager there is no 5 mb buffer.

    You can surely change plans just open a ticket at the helpdesk and we will let you know what needs to happen. We can pro-rate if they have recently renewed, no problem at all.
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