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Thread: POP3 Server Changes Automatically @ Gmail?

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    Default POP3 Server Changes Automatically @ Gmail?

    After the recent server changes, I thought I'd check and see if I needed to update anything and I recalled that I'm having gmail check my pop3 server here at glowhost. My previous server was and I presumed this is where I had told gmail to look for new mail. I was curious if glowhost had made an automatic update to the new server So I looked in my gmail settings and was shocked to see listed as my pop3 server since I had no knowledge of kilo.*. I obviously never entered it directly. My gmail was working fine but thought it best to update it to olga. I did so and gmail is still working fine so I presume I did the right thing. But this leaves me curious who, how and when kilo came into the picture and does this mean that some entity, either @ gmail or glowhost might again make changes to my pop3 server without informing me, and if so is this anything to be concerned about?

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    The Deb server was replaced by Kilo some time ago, that is why you had Kilo as a setting in Gmail. I doubt they could change the hostname automatically so probably you have updated it some time ago.

    In the last week, we have migrated Kilo accounts to another server - Olga, that is why it is definitely correct to use as your mail server. As a side note, will still work since it now points to Olga server but it is recommended to use the true hostname which is

    To sum everything up - nobody should be able to change the pop3 settings except for you. You should not worry about these changes, since they are correct.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to open a ticket. We'll be glad to help.
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