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Thread: Want to move from Godaddy to Glowhost

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    Post Want to move from Godaddy to Glowhost


    Currently I'm hosting my website on Godaddy shared hosting server. I want to move the website on a VPS hosting. Let me know how do I do it. How much does a VPS cost?

    What is the best plan for me?

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    No problem, just open a ticket and we will provide you with additional information and move all your data.

    As for package, you can start from Cloud VDS Lite and upgrade to the next package if you need this.

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    why you need to go from godaddy to glowhost? Godaddy is best hosting service provider. You have faced any difficulties from their??

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    I can't say goDaddy is the best. They definitely have a great marketing team and are giant. We find many customers moving from them to GlowHost for a variety of reasons.
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