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Thread: what no googly Chrome topic?

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    Alright, after 2 weeks of running this browser I wish I never installed it. It is horribly buggy in one area which is, uh, important.

    It no longer will crash your entire system when it consumes too much memory. What it does instead is won't load your start page. You fire up the browser and it just hangs...loading...indefinitely. Or you could be in the middle of a session and open a new tab and it will do the same thing.

    I don't really like Firefox primarily because I dread configuring things, and, well it looks like I have no choice. I've made it my default browser for the time being as IE8 RC1 is completely un-usable in the current state. Hopefully they will have this fixed before it becomes a stable release.
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    IE will never be fixed. I am so sick of having to rework HTML for that crappy browser. IE7 has been much better than previous, but man did it take them a long time to come to their senses and stop trying to manipulate the entire Web to their cockeyed standardless ways. I don't think they'll ever get in line, just because they seem to enjoy making us working stiffs work that much harder to cater to their market dominance.

    Chrome works fine for me on XP. I don't think I'll ever upgrade to Vista, so I'm happy for now. But I don't really like Chrome for heavy use. It's not nearly as useful to me as a developer/designer as FireFox is. I also use Opera and Safari from time to time. I use Chrome when I have no browser open and need to look at something quickly -- it gets up and running way way faster than FF. My biggest problem with FF is that all the addons I need and use daily cause it to be a massive RAM hog, and it freezes up for a couple minutes out of every hour or so.

    So far, my ideal browser doesn't exist. If I could combine the way Chrome uses services and conserves RAM with Opera's straightforwardness/elegance and FF's extensibility, then I'd be in heavan...
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