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Thread: Enterprise Email Hosting & Its Benefits?

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    Default Enterprise Email Hosting & Its Benefits?

    I want to know, What Is An Enterprise Email Hosting & Its Benefits?

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    Could you please specify your question?

    What do you mean by Enterprise Email Hosting?

    If you want to know the limits of email allowed per hour please look at this thread:

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    Enterprise Email Hosting is aimed to provide business with a solution that will be able to handle emails for large amount of employees.

    Except of usual mail service, Enterprise mail hosting solutions gives possibility to:

    • keep the common address book with people and meeting locations;
    • integrate calendar and events and share calendars;
    • add common folders for employees;
    • track current status of employees to arrange meetings.

    I think that Microsoft Exchange server is one of the most popular solutions nowadays. GlowHost team has experience in setting up the Exchange server. You will need a Cloud or a Dedicated server with Windows Server on it.

    There is possibility to setup same features on a Unix-based server using open software, but usually it requires some extra efforts.
    Have no fear,
    GlowHost is Here!

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