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Thread: cheapest shared hosting & phpmotion

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    Question cheapest shared hosting & phpmotion

    hi matt,

    i want to set up another account on the cheapest hosting so i can test phpmotion etc and run a couple of other things, if i purchase 12 months will you install script for me this time - as i want to install in subdirectory as wont be main part of my site and i heard that can be tricky?

    also i want to make sure im on a different server (i dont want to be on Olga) and lastly can i get a discount as i already have an account with you?

    thanks matt.

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    If you do not want to be on the Olga server then do not order a Budget hosting plan. Try an advanced or Professional plan. Advanced 3 Star is a good start and that will put you on the Deb server.

    Yes, we can install it for you and we can do it in a subdir if you like.

    As for the discount, everyone gets a discount already.

    We have decided that our hosting should cost 2x-3x what we sell it for. But since we are selling it at such reduced rates, everyone automatically gets a discount.

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