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Thread: what do you do when it's down

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    Default what do you do when it's down

    I would like to know what do you do (technical steps) when email, cpanel, webhost mgr are down.

    I'm concern about this 'cause during the first business hours it took more than one hour to fix Nicole server. Meanwhile, customers on the phone to get a explanation from us.

    Take a look to the first answer of this ticket: CKV-9856-636 (level Urgent)


    We could see that the server is with high load. We have reduced the load and now we are able to login to the cpanel without any problem, please do make a try and get back to us for any further assistance.
    Thank you. GlowHost Level One Support Team"

    A high load?
    cpanel without problem? it wasn't fix it.

    Your server (the one your web site is hosted) have a better uptime rate.

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    Everything is not as cut and dry as you make it seem. If computers worked perfectly, people would host their web sites from home. It really is not as easy as pushing a magic button and the server is fixed.

    It should be noted that your website's were up, which means your customers could access your site. Some back-end services like WHM were stopped which help reduce the load and assist in the server logging and help us to troubleshoot. Mail has been queued to reduce the load on the machine. It will be delivered shortly.

    About Level 1 Support's reply: Please re-evaluate your own support request. It is very vague and you have not included any error message, steps to reproduce your problem, or any network statistics to confirm or help expedite your request.

    However it has been confirmed that the problem was on this end, not your ISP after we were able to login and troubleshoot with the limited information that was initially provided. The more detailed you are, the faster we can work. The less info you provide, the slower it takes as we have to start troubleshooting from scratch.

    Level 1 reduced the load on the server and back end services like WHM were working when they replied. It was working when they replied.

    As for uptime, your server Nicole has been running at over 99.8% for over 3+ years that you have been on that server. Some hosts do not even guarantee 97% uptime. We meet and exceed 99.5+% by a long shot. That includes not only NETWORK but HARDWARE/SOFTWARE which the latter I don't think a host on the planet guarantees.

    If you require a decreased level of potential problems, of I suggest a dedicated server over shared hosting. That way you have absolute control over what happens on your own server. Shared hosting by definition is less stable than dedicated server hosting.

    In any case the issue has been fixed for now. A spammer on the nicole server has been isolated and we are in the process of removing them and patching the server from repeating. Again, there is more to it than "just fix it." Remember, we don't want bad server performance either. After all, our business depends on your business. Without uptime your business would fail, and so would ours.

    Does your own ISP ever have problems, or are they up 100% of the time? How about the electric company, or phone company? Those services sometimes go completely out, for hours, if not days depending on where you are in the world. A few minutes of slow performance should be expected with any web site. Again we are talking about slowness for an hour (maybe a little more) out of possibly several years. Not a complete service outage or downtime.

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