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Thread: SSL for Resellers

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    Default SSL for Resellers


    How do we enable the SSL for Reseller accounts? I saw a previous place where we would email your so that we could install it in osCommerce, but what about for other needs / apps?

    You also stated that you sell SSL certs. What type (Domain only or Fully qualified) and at what cost?

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    It just depends on if you want your own SSL cert or the shared cert.

    If your server is equipped with a shared certificate, and you want to use that instead of your own SSL certificate, you have to open a support request on it so that it can be enabled for your site.

    We sell RapidSSL certificated if you are getting your own certificate, which are the lowest cost single root 128-bit encryption SSL certificiates that I have seen. We sell their "starter SSL" certificate for $39/year. However you can get a wildcard cert from them/us as well if you need it, or we also have the basic 128-bit GeoTrust Quick SSL cert for $165.

    For any cert that you buy you need to know where you want to install the certificate, e.g. or

    Similar to if you look at vs.

    Notice the first one gives a warning. This is because PayPal did not get a wilcard certificate, they opted to secure only the version of the site. Had they had a wildcard they could have had all secured with the one wildcard certificate.

    You also need a dedicated IP address for each site using their own SSL. This runs $1.49/mo for the dedicated IP address.

    Installation of the certificate is $39.00

    So it all depends on if you want a real certificate or the shared certificate for the answer of how to install it on a site.

    If anyone has questions on SSL or shared certificates post them below.
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