My wife and I own several small e-commerce sites and I was reluctant to expand our services. However, I repeatedly was being asked to help develop web sites. Mostly from small business owners who are clueless about establishing an Internet presence.

I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and offer Web Development, hosting, domain registration and SEO (own a small SEO company as well).

Glowhost has been a great discovery. Support has been great. I also host with Hostway (support is pretty bad and hosting is crippled) and a few others and I have to say that not only is Glowhost the cheapest, they have been the most reliable and provide the best support (quick response, understanding of initial question, sincerity in helping, quick to resolve problem).

For anyone thinking about a reseller account, you should give it serious consideration. You can totally customize the cpanel interface, setting up packages is a snap. I am now able to offer all these services using my own brand- Idea Direct. Even my DNS server was set up to reflect my own domain name.

I'm truly excited about the opportunities this will provide. I typically don't write glowing reviews but was so excited about getting set up I just couldn't resist. If anyone wants to contact me to discuss becoming a reseller, don't hesitate to visit my website or email me: