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Thread: Feeling a bit Buzzed? or Be a Busy Buzzing Bee

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    Default Feeling a bit Buzzed? or Be a Busy Buzzing Bee

    Google is pushing it twitter killer, called Buzz. Joining is super easy if you have a gmail account, and eveyone should have a gmail account. Don't get me started as to why. (BECAUSE I SAID SO.)

    Since is google your buzz will certainly searched by the hoards of google users, so. .

    The thinking is Buzz about a topic that covers your clients service or products, with a link to their site or specific web-page. and you create traffic.

    are the gears turning yet?

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    I got a couple of notifications on it a couple of months ago. After wave, I can't say I'm wholly impressed. It just seems like Google has a lot of web-based applications with little to no integration.

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