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Thread: web development environment suited for telecommuting

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    Default web development environment suited for telecommuting

    I'm adding people other than myself to projects and am in need of a web development environment suited for telecommuting as well as developers working in the same office, total about 5 staff members at this point.

    We are Linux, PHP and mySQL based developers. I would like to use Mac mini or Mac mini server. I just do not know what is the best architecture for this office environment.

    My Questions and Thoughts:
    - using my current domain hosting package to upload beta sites for client review.

    - Where to store all documents I wish to file share with the office?

    - What to use for version control? Or do I just use a host for that. Like git? I have no knowledge of version control software. Be it running it on my own server or running it from a host.

    - I feel I also need to standardize the coding ie…html/php etc… site editing tools.

    - A code and design library is also needed. What to use and how to use it? I'd like also to store a reusable design library. I would also need editing control. So not just anyone can add or edit the library.

    The only thing I have right setup right now is wiki for office, design and coding standards. Naming conventions, a virtual checklist of sorts for cohesive development and expectations.

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    If you really want to use Mac for server, than my reply won't be helpful, but you may consider it as a way to go. More than 10 years of experience in this field after all.

    Here is the cheap way to do what you need (but you can always invest in some huge CRM or some solutions from MS)

    Anyway, get a remote dedicated server or cloud hosting (GlowHost servers or cloud will do). Setup RedMine for communication & documents sharing. Install SVN for version control & connect it to RedMine (it will count commits and developer performance).

    The whole process will take few hours and you're ready to go. You can release version to your clients (web-accessible folders or hosts) using SVN too.

    As for the coding: Zend & PHPeD have great solutions. It's a matter of your own preferences, both are really nice.

    Good luck & hope it helps.

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