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Thread: SQL Nightmare

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    Unhappy SQL Nightmare

    Can anyone help with the following as its driving me insane ! Probably something really obvious but it has fried my brain now!

    I have two tables, Categories_stores, Categories_description.

    Ok put in english this is what i want to happen:

    I want to look into the stores table and select all the rows that are equal to a variable 'GLOBAL_CURRENT_STORE_NAME' obviously theae are all in the same column (categories_storename)

    This will give a big long list of numbers from this table under categories_id.

    I then want this column to be used to select all the corresponding records out of the categories description_table

    The sql i currently have is:

    $categories_query = tep_db_query("SELECT cd.categories_id, categories_name FROM " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " cd, " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_STORES . " cs WHERE language_id = $this_language_id and cd.categories_id = cs.categories_id and cs.categories_storename = '" . GLOBAL_CURRENT_STORE_NAME . "' ORDER BY categories_name");

    This just brings up the following error:

    1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'and cd.categories_id = cs.categories_id and cs.categories_store

    Am i missing something really obvious ! Any help would be much apreciated!
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    Default Always use quotes!

    Generally I have found that the stuff right before the printed error is USUALLY the real cause, so I look at this:

    WHERE language_id = $this_language_id

    and I see that if $this_language_id is null, which I bet it is, it will throw an error.
    Always a good idea to do this:
    language_id = '$this_language_id'
    ... for one thing, many a hack was done with a quoteless ID. Look up SQL-injection for the gory details.

    Anyway, may I suggest putting this in your toolbox:

    $sql="some query";
    $ref = mysql_fetch_row($db);
    if (mysql_error()){
    print mysql_error()."<br>$sql<br>";

    Seeing the Actual SQL after an error can usually speed up debugging by thousands!

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    excellent excellent and excellent! Thaks so much! Often the way you look at something for so long it ends up being something so simple. Exactly what you said, put the $this_language_id in quotes and hey presto all working.

    Thanks so much



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