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Thread: serious problem

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    Default serious problem

    when i entered the site today i find a serious problem and errors i don't know why

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    Seeing as we are not the host for that site I suggest you ask your current web host what the problem is.

    Though I am sure they are going to ask you to be more specific about your exact issue like the exact errors you are getting and a description of your serious issue.

    I saw 2 emails to our webmaster address today about your site problem and am thoroughly confused why you are threatening us to move to another host when we are not your current host, and for that matter, never have been.

    However if you need to switch hosting over to us, let me know and I will see you get squared away as soon as possible. perhaps we would be in a better position to assist you if we could see the source code. Good luck.
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    I will check it then let you know.


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