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Thread: Encryption?

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    Default Encryption?

    How do you protect your php and js code from being reverse engineered or duplicated?
    I've read a liitle about the Zend encryption, but curious about how your programming still interacts when you have a combination of php and js.

    Any recommendations or advice?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can't protect your code from being reverse engineered. However, this process is not easy and very long. In most cases it is much easier to write new script that reverse engineer the other one. Zend Optimizer will not save your code from this either, but it will save your code from being simply copied. There are lots of the sites on the Net that rpovide decryption of Zend-encoded PHP files, but Zend still claims it is impossible and no one can really say if decryption really works.
    There is another technology, called ionCube, but the situation is the same as with Zend. If I was choosing how to protect my code, I'd choose Zend.

    Iteraction is still simple, because the files are stored encrupted, but PHP interpeter sees it decrypted (thanks to server software).

    You can't encrypt your JS code as the client browser must see it decrypted or must be able to decrypt it on the client side. This means if the browser can decrypt it - it can be easily done by wannabe coder.
    What you can do, is to make it completely unreadable. This is not the 100% solution, but it will make your files load faster and usage more difficult (you use normal files for development and obfuscated when released). BTW, it is called obfuscation. You can google on this topic.


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