This is a reminder about the email we sent out at the beginning of the month regarding the move that will take place on Feb. 24th 2007

About the move:
GNAX has built a new datacenter because the old one was filled to capacity. The majority of GlowHost's servers are located at the GNAX datacenters. We need to move all of our remaining servers from the old datacenter to the new datacenter.

The servers that are in the old datacenter will need to be physically transported from the old datacenter to the new one. The date of this scheduled move is Feb 24th at 11:00 P.M. EST.

There is a 6 hour window during the move where your server may be down for part, or full during this window. We expect an estimated minimum of 2 hours of downtime for any given server scheduled to be moved.

Servers that will be affected during this move are:
Alex, Betsy, Cleo, Daisy, Jenna, Kate, Fran, Ginger, Haylee, Izzy, Lisa, Margie, and Nicole.

If your server is not listed here, it already exists at the new datacenter, or has been moved to the new datacenter already.

As with any kind of maintenance that requires a server to be powered down, some of the machines may encounter unexpected problems. If this happens we will know about it as we will be monitoring the servers as soon as they have been installed at the new DC to ensure that they return to service.

During the move the GlowHost website, helpdesk and forums will remain online.

Please do not submit tickets during the move requesting updates for service restorations. The helpdesk techs will not be able to assist or make accurate judgments on service restorations. We will be posting statuses in the forums as they unfold and notify if any servers are experiencing any unexpected issues and resolution status for the same.

If there are any delays in our forum posts please understand that we will be exceptionally busy during the move and may not have time to update the forum as frequently as we might like. However know that we will be doing everything in our power to make this an expeditious process and will be making every effort to get services restored as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Matt Lundstrom, Inc