Olga has a bad hard disk. its not dead, but its dying. It is one of the primary disks that the web sites site on.

This is a unit with hotswap SATA hard drives in a special redundant RAID configuration that most hosts do not run because it is expensive to do so. This prevents us from actually having to turn off the server to replace a hard drive, and also allows us to sustain multiple disk failures at the same time and still be online during the repair procedure.

This configuration, in theory, will run fine with only one functioning drive, and there should be no downtime while the old one is being replaced, and the array is being rebuilt.

This is scheduled for after 1 AM EST on Friday, April 6th so if you see any hiccups around then on the Olga server, that's probably what it is. We do not anticipate any problems but if they do happen we will know about it and will be working to fix it.