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Thread: A massive DDOS attack on Zed server

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    Default A massive DDOS attack on Zed server


    Zed server is experiencing a huge DDOS attack, we have had to null the main server's IP to stop the attack.

    We investigating the situation and will update this thread very soon.

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    The DDoS attack has stopped and we were able to enable the main shared IP:

    Anyway, in order to make websites accessible, we had to use other IPs available for the server. If you used nameservers provided by GlowHost, all websites should work correctly.

    In case you pointed your domains directly to the server using an A record or used your own nameservers, please open a ticket and we will be happy to provide you with detailed instructions regarding how to fix the DNS issue.

    I would like to note, that similar issues happen from time to time on all shared servers in all possible datacenters, since each shared server hosts many different accounts and there is always possibility that one of accounts will be DDoSed. Our shared servers are protected from high load, but in case DC network engineers face huge amount of malicious traffic coming to the specific IP (main IP of the shared server in this case), it is usually blocked in order to prevent harm to the whole subnetwork.

    In order to avoid such problems that are caused by "bad neighbors" on your shared server, we do encourage our customers to pay attention to Cloud Virtual Dedicated servers, as well as Dedicated servers. These packages will fully isolate your accounts from other accounts and you won't need to worry about possible issues caused by neighbors on your server.
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