Hello Valued Customers,

We've been notified that a precautionary window has been scheduled for power provisioning maintenance for two routers within the Dallas network of our GNAX datacenter. No impact is anticipated for this maintenance due to power and network redundancy. Should there be any impact, some network instability and suboptimal routing may be experienced by Dallas customers during the scheduled window as traffic reroutes through other upstream providers. Some brief interruptions may also be experienced in backend network connectivity between the Atlanta and Dallas datacenters as redundancy changes occur.

Please read the below details carefully:

Facility: Dallas and Atlanta
Time: 23:00 CDT on Friday November 15.
Window duration: 1 hour

Anticipated impact: None anticipated

Power Maintenance

Impacted services:
Dallas Network
Dallas and Atlanta Backend Connectivity

This means work will begin at some point during this time specified in the service window above, unless unexpected situations arise. During this service window, your site may go temporarily offline. If datacenter technicians are unable to start the maintenance before the service window closes, it will be re-scheduled.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please open a ticket at our helpdesk and reference this notification or reply to this forum thread. Please note that you may need to register on our forum to be able to leave comments.

Thank You,
GlowHost Support Team