We have recently experienced some issues with our SAN storage array related to our Cloud infrastructure. This notification provides additional insight into the issue.

The SAN array consists of 3 nodes and is N+1 redundant such that any 2 nodes can provide service. Currently, one of the nodes is offline with a failed motherboard. That replacement board is arriving tomorrow morning; replacing it will not require an outage, and then redundancy will be restored.

Of the 2 nodes currently online, we have determined that one node has a faulty RAID controller. After operation for a certain number of days that RAID controller experiences issues , and when it does, the volumes go offline. When this occurs, we reboot the node and the volumes come back online.

Again, with replacement of the motherboard tomorrow, the array redundancy will be restored and that will allow us to replace the faulty RAID controller without bringing the array down.

Finally, please be advised that we are working on an entirely new cloud infrastructure to avoid these types of issue. It is almost ready for production at which time we will begin moving virtual machines. Notifications will be provided beforehand.

We apologize for any inconvenience and, as always, thank you for choosing GlowHost.