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Thread: [PHPmotion] refuses to work with PHP 5.3.x

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    Default [PHPmotion] refuses to work with PHP 5.3.x

    Usually PHPmotion installation which works properly with php 5.2.x after migration to php 5.3.x environment throws error messages like

    "PHP script classes/config.php is protected  by phpSHIELD and requires the phpSHIELD loader phpshield.5.3.lin. The  phpSHIELD loader has not been installed, or is not installed correctly.  Please visit the phpSHIELD php encoder site to download required  loader."
    Don't panic. Simply download new version of phpmotion from , unzip it and replace the following files in your current installation with the new from the downloaded archive:

    That's all

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    In case after upgrade, phpmotion shows a blank page, you will need to remove the /license/licenseV3.php file and ask phpmotion support to re-issue your license.
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