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Thread: [How To] Consolidate all my domains into GlowHost

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    Default [How To] Consolidate all my domains into GlowHost

    Q: I would like to cancel the contract with another domain registration provider and transfer all Domains over to my hosting package with GlowHost.

    Unfortunately I do not have access to DNS myself. I need to know what is required from your side to proceed and to ensure no Domains are lost or canceled due. There needs to be an application for Domain transfer from your side I believe??? How I do this please.

    A: There are several ways to do this. The best way it to transfer all of your domain names to one domain registration site. In this example, I will say to use since the price and terms of the deal are very good for the price.

    The transfers are around $10 and that gets you a domain transfer, a one year domain renewal, plus any time you have left on the current expiration.

    In order to transfer the domains, you are going to need to ensure that:

    A) There is at least 10 days left before the domain to be transferred expires.
    B) That the current registrar unlocks the domain to be transferred.
    C) That the current registrar gives you an authorization code to complete the transfer.

    This handles the domains themselves and puts them in a singular account for safekeeping.

    This process takes about 10 days to complete, so you will want to make sure to change your nameservers for hosting to GlowHost before you transfer the domains as they will become locked for the duration of the transfer. if you do not have access to your DNS, your host or registration service provider should be able to do this for you upon your request.

    Alternatively, if you can wait to change your nameservers until later (because no domains are about to expire) then you can begin the transfers of domains to get them in a safe place now, then edit your nameservers from InstaPro once they have been transferred to your account there.

    InstaPro offers Bulk Domain Transfers which will benefit you in this case. The link that describes this process and fees is below.

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