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Thread: [How To] - Change emails per hour limit on a Dedicated server/VDS

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    Default [How To] - Change emails per hour limit on a Dedicated server/VDS

    If you have a dedicated server or a VDS, you might want to change emails per hour limit in case you need to send newsletters to many recipients. By default this number is set to 250 emails/hour, so in case one of your accounts is hacked - it can't send tons of SPAM. So, once you decide to change this limit, please be careful.

    We recommend keeping some sort of limit to help protect your server, and we advise against setting this to unlimited.

    Two values should be changed:

    1. Go to WHM -> Tweak settings -> click on Mail Tab -> find "Max hourly emails per domain" and set number you need.

    2. Go to WHM -> ConfigServer Security&Firewall -> click on "Firewall Configuration" button -> press "CTRL+F" and find "LF_SCRIPT_LIMIT"

    Set the values that you need.

    That's all.

    P.S. If you have shared or reseller hosting package, limits can be found here:
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    There is one more way to to set limits per domain/ Cpanel account. Your can set them in WHM > Manage Account or set limits in the package, in WHM > Add Package (Edit Package). It may be very useful for resellers and dedicated solutions owners.

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