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Thread: How do you change to dedicated IP and SSL

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    Default How do you change to dedicated IP and SSL


    I recently signed up with the 4 star professional plan, which says it comes
    with a dedicated IP and free private SSL certificate. In my cPanel I see
    that the site is on a shared IP. How do I sign up for these features? I can't
    find anything in the cPanel about these topics.


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    Hello xsven,
    This is not a part of cPanel, this is a special service that we must provision for you. We have to manually assign a dedicated IP to your site, then we will go buy a certificate for your site and install it.

    It is a "hands-off" process handled completely by us because of your qualified hosting plan.

    If you are ready for these bonus features please open a ticket with your private account information at our helpdesk (Login to MyGlow account manager and click on "Helpdesk" > submit ticket) and we will add them to your account as soon as possible.
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    What are some reasons that one would need a dedicated IP?



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    Some people seem to think that google and other search engines can be fooled into thinking sites owned by the same person are not really owned "by the same person" if the person has all of their sites spread out on multiple different IP addresses.

    In the most basic example, if you have a site on and it links to a site on that google will rank each site higher than if both sites were on

    Maybe this is true these days, i have not paid attention to search engine optimization lately, but when the rumor was circling the Internet when I came across it about 3 years back, I emails google support and they told me that there is no reason to rank a site lower if they share the same IP address.

    My summarized answer (as I recall it) that I received was, that they understand that there are far more sites on the Internet than available IP addresses, and because of the fact that many sites have to share the same IP address, there is no reason for a penalization for sites that happen to share an IP address.

    Perhaps this has changed but I doubt it. There are even less IPs available and even more sites on the web than there where when I asked them many years back.


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