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Thread: Do you support Microsoft Frontpage 98?

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    Default Do you support Microsoft Frontpage 98?

    We do support Microsoft Frontpage however the 98 version is no longer supported.

    The vendor has discontinued support for Frontpage 98 server extensions. the product has reached its EOL (End of Life)

    What can I do?
    You can upgrade Microsoft Frontpage to a newer version like 2002, or choose another program like Dreamweaver.

    Does this mean I can no longer use Frontpage 98?
    No, it may or may not work depending on your website, however if it malfunctions, we will not be able to offer support. Frontpage does have a FTP utility built into it and you should be able to use that instead of the extensions if you find they no longer work, however Microsoft Frontpage is a strange program that requires proprietary technology to make all of the functions work. Using FTP you may find thinks like the navigation no longer displays properly, and other random things.

    More information can be found here:

    Will support for Frontpage 2002 and later be continued?
    We do not have a definite answer for you yet as Microsoft has (thankfully) EOL'd Frontpage altogether. There is rumor of continued support by cPanel, however this is unconfirmed and we cannot guarantee anything in this regard until an official announcement has been made.
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