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Thread: Vern? Any ETA to Full Service?

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    Default Vern? Any ETA to Full Service?

    I noticed Vern was back up and running but limping along, a site that normally calls onload() at 1.5-2.1 seconds is calling it 29.57. Any idea of how long til full restoration?

    It seems to have been down a lot lately, I noticed that every time it is down, the forums and your site is fine. What is the actual difference between the servers? I am sure yours is dedicated but I have never found your site or your forums to not be working, ever. It is hard to go a dedicated server when you need 3gb and 5-6gb transfer per month but is it necessary to get reliability I see here? (or is it the result of multiple servers with failover?)

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    Hello David,

    We are investigating what happened with Vern.

    GlowHost runs a dedicated server that is fully separated from other websites. We also use RAID to protect from HDD failures.

    For sure, dedicated server is really an awesome solution and I think we will be able to get one really powerful server for you at low price, just please open a ticket for a quote.

    Anyway, Vern will be fixed and we will do our best to improve it's performance.
    Have no fear,
    GlowHost is Here!

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