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Thread: vBulletin registration email being flagged as spam

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    Default vBulletin registration email being flagged as spam

    Running a vbulletin setup on one of your shared hosting instances, I've test-registered a few users and each time the email that the forum software sends out gets flagged as spam by gmail (along with every other email coming from the server). The message I see when I dig the emails out of the spam folder is this:

    Why is this message in Spam? We've found that lots of messages from are spam. Learn more

    Is there a way to fix this and if so, how?


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    We don't know what rules gmail is using to determine the spam. In the link you sent they are citing the section that is titled:

    "Similarity to suspicious messages" which is pretty ambiguous. Have you tried emailing a test message from your email program to the same address? Sometimes free email providers flag automated messages as spam.

    There are may other possible reasons for them marking it as spam, but the test above will narrow down the scope of the search for the specific reason.

    You also might simply disable email verification and use a plugin like Spam-O-Matic for vBulletin to obtain better and more reliable human verification during the vBulletin registration process.
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